Modified Alkyds

The alkyd was and is the workhorse of the solvent-based coatings market. We have a full line of specially modified alkyds to suit your needs. We can manufacture high solids alkyds that will meet many of the new VOC requirements. We also have a full line of government specified alkyds. Visit the tung oil varnish tab on this site to see how the alkyds can be modified for additional water and chemical resistance and faster dry time.

Click here to download the Product Data Sheets for the below products.

  • HPP 1040
  • HPP 1042
  • HPP 1161
  • HPP 1228
  • HPP 1292X
  • HPP 1544-60
  • HPP 1545
  • HPP 1561-L
  • HPP 1595
  • HPP 1875
  • HPP 1885

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