Epoxy Esters

Over 10 years ago US Polymers-Accurez was fortunate to acquire the Celanese epoxy ester family of products. This product line includes a short oil epoxy ester which is a long time industry standard for primers over metal, utilized especially in automotive applications. The family also includes a medium oil epoxy, which is the ester of choice for trade sales applications. It works well on both wood and steel in architectural settings. Additionally, we have a pure dehydrated castor oil fatty acid epoxy ester used for can coatings and baking applications.

The 611 family of water dispersed epoxy esters has been used for over 30 years as modifiers for enhanced adhesion of acrylic latex. Over the past 10 years it's application and growth has expanded to numerous applications over concrete, primarily concrete flooring. We improved the 611 technology to offer exceptional penetration and adhesion to concrete as a bonding primer which can be over coated with acrylic latex while meeting the strict VOC, less than 50 grams per liter, requirements that states such as California must meet beginning in July 1, 2006. We feel that many other porous surfaces including wood are candidates for this unique technology.

Click here to download the Product Data Sheets for the below products.

  • Epi-Tex 120-HF
  • Epi-Tex 183
  • Epi-Tex 183-HS
  • Epi-Tex 183-E
  • Epi-Tex 199-E
  • Epi-Tex 199E-HS
  • Epi-Tex 520
  • Epi-Tex 611-Q
  • Epi-Tex 611-R
  • Epi-Tex 611-S

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