Phenolic / Tung Oil Varnishes

We have been supplying tung oil phenolic varnishes for over 60 years. When it comes to making top coats for wood there is no better coating than a tung oil phenolic varnish. Varnishes are by their nature fast drying, high gloss, water and chemical resistant and easy to apply by brush, roll, spray, or any of the synthetic applicators. Phenolic tung oil varnishes can also be used to modify alkyds to improve, water resistance, chemical resistance and speed up the dry time. As supplied they are low viscosity and reducible in the aliphatic thinners. We sell varnishes to do those jobs that must be done right the first time. Our Valtex-105 is used on the hand-rails and wooden decking on the Queen Mary I & II. Many people have never tried or used varnish and when they do, they are always pleased with the quality job they consistently produce.

Click here to download the Product Data Sheets for the below products.

  • Valtex 105
  • Valtex 117
  • Valtex 312
  • Valtex 327-55
  • Valtex 389
  • Valtex 536
  • Valtex 577
  • Valtex 589
  • Valtex 727
  • Valtex 865

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